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Food Donation:


Our congregation has sponsored food donation programs for over 40 years in an effort to provide food and  toiletries to people in need. In 2021 we expanded that mission by installing a  "Blessing Box' on our property. 

The box is open 24/7 and is the only source of food, household supplies and toiletries in the surrounding neighborhood. Our neighbors in the surrounding community help us keep the box supplied, since the need is great!

We have an Amazon wish list set up for people who would like to donate but cannot get to our building. Donations through the list are delivered directly to the person who manages and fills the box. To donate, please go to this link:



Our church participates in several special offerings each year: One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost, Peacemaking and Joy Offering. Through all of these offerings, we participate with the greater Christian community to help improve the lives of others.

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Through local and global mission and outreach work we seek to make Christ known. We care for others and we care for each other. We make a concerted effort to participate in both local and global mission work. Scroll down to view our work.

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